collaxx-colour light units are not only innovative, but also on the pulse of our time. They are appreciated for their beneficial and regenerating effect on every state of mind.


125°C continuous temperature

collaxx colour light units have the unique HEAT PROOF TECHNOLOGY and resist a temperature of 125°C. Numerous theoretical considerations, simulations and test series made it possible to develop a special regulation method which protects the LEDs from overheating and early deterioration.

High luminosity

collaxx colour light units have an intensive luminosity and are suitable for all kinds of infrared and sauna cabins.

Large saunas

Several collaxx colour light units can be operated parallel with one remote control. Thus, they are also suitable for commercial and private shared saunas.

Light characteristics

The collaxx colour light units change their colours one gently shading off into the next. All types are available with dimming function. Other advantages of collaxx light here: LED-Technology

Service Made in Austria

collaxx colour light units are quality products made in Austria. Our friendly sales management is happy to answer your questions.