FL201 Music

The all in one solution with reliable lighting technology!

The FL201 Music brings your favourite music wirelessly, invisibly integrated and in HiFi quality from your smartphone or tablet into the sauna cabin.

  • lighting area is speaker cone at the same time
  • true to original sound by a digital signal processor
  • simple mounting with only 2 screws
  • wirelessly connectable with a smartphone
  • wooden frame in alder
  • line input and output

Because of the line input and output existing sound sources and amplifiers can be connected easily. 

Audio playback can be controlled by an optionally available wall remote control or by the smartphone or tablet only. To control the lighting settings one of our reliable controlling options can be used.


wireless wall remote control

Wireless wall remote control available in various kinds of wood. The elegant solution which allows one to control a smartphone which can remain outside of the cabin.

wireless hand remote F5

The simple solution to control the smartphone, which can remain outside of the cabin.

wall remote control combination

Audio playback and lighting settings can be comfortably controlled from within the cabin with the optionally available wall remote controls. The audio player does not need to be in the cabin any more.

  • fast and easy installation
  • wireless: easily retrofittable
  • classy real wood design
  • various kinds of wood available
  • 125°C permanently heat proof

Combine both wall remote controls for light and sound in your favourite kind of wood for an especially consistent look!

The partly sunk mounting in the same kind of wood as shown in the picture to the right has proven to be an especially elegant idea.

If desired, you can also use only one of the wall remote controls.

Technical data colour light unit

Size L x W x H 320 x 235 x 51 mm (without DC-plug)
Recommended cut-out size 300 x 215 mm
Weight approx. 620 g
Input voltage 2x 12 VDC
Shipped power supplies 2x power supply unit 2A
Power consumption (combined) max. 52W
Ambient temperature 0 ... 125°C (permanently)
LED lifetime 30.000 h

Technical data power supply unit 2A

Size L x W x H 75x 34 x 43 mm    
Input Voltage 90 ... 264 VAC    
Output Voltage 12 VDC    
Power consumption max. 34W    
Cable length 1.8m    
Temperature range 0 ... 40°C