Colour light unit FL202

High illuminance. Seamless. Modern.

  • For cabins up to 2.5 x 2.5m
  • 56 Osram power LEDs
  • Only 33mm construction height
  • Invisible installation
  • Uniform light surface
  • Avaliable in obeche or acacia
  • And the familar collaxx advantages




Technical data colour light unit

L x W x H
275 x 190 x 33 mm
Weight 450 g
Operating Voltage 12VDC
Power consumption max. 28W
Surrounding temperature 0 ... 125°C (permanently)
LED lifetime typ. 30.000h

Technical data power supply unit 2A

Size L x W x H 75x 34 x 43 mm    
Input Voltage 90 ... 264 VAC    
Output Voltage 12 VDC    
Power consumption max. 34W    
Cable length 1.8m    
Temperature range 0 ... 40°C