Sauna Speaker Cubus 22

High quality workmanship and full sound for your sauna!

With the collaxx sauna speakers Cubus 22 and the matching Bluetoothplayer you get the perfect HiFi sound in your cabin.

  • all sides are made of high quality teak wood without visible front sides
  • invisible mounting enables convenient floor maintenance
  • temperature and water resistant chassis and gluing
  • with the remote control you can easily control the music directly from the cabin
  • Plug&Play through optimally matched components

This is what perfect sound looks like

Thanks to the neutral frequency response of the Cubus 22, the music always sounds exactly the same as in the recording studio - our measurements show this too. The adjacent diagram shows the usable frequency range from 40Hz to 20kHz.

For this purpose, the Cubus 22 were calibrated in several typical sauna cabins in the recommended setup using a measuring microphone. Based on these measurement curves, the sound processor integrated in the collaxx Bluetoothplayer was programmed accordingly.

This results in an ideally balanced sound image over the entire audible frequency range. Even expensive HiFi systems for the living room cannot easily achieve this, because the room acoustics contribute a lot to the overall impression.

The natural hearing perception is also supported by a fully automatic loudness function.

Mounting Suggestion

The Cubus 22 can easily be placed in the free space under the benches. They are suspended just above the floor with one screw each. This way they do not get in the way when wiping up. It is essential that they are always mounted in pairs in opposite corners so that the spatial sound is ideal.

Technical data Cubus 22

L x B x H
22 x 22 x 22 cm
Weight 2,5kg
Impedance 4Ω
Music power rating 80W
Rated output power 60W
±3dB frequency range 37Hz – 21kHz