DMX Interface

Design and control your own light scenes

  • Control up to 99 colour light units seperately
  • Hue, saturation and value seperately controllable
  • Wireless
    • No cable to colour light unit required
    • Easy to upgrade
  • Integrateable
  • Makes controlling possible over:
    • Computer
    • Light controller
    • Standalone DMX controller
    • Smartphone
  • Usable with all collaxx-coulour light units


with our new developed DMX interface you can now discover new ways to light up saunas or complete wellness areas harmonious. Our DMX interface offers a connection from collaxx colour light units to the DMX bus, which is the standard bus system for event lighting.

You are now able to control up to 99 colour light units seperately - without extra wiring! The DMX interface works, like all collaxx products, wireless. This assures an easy upgrade of an existing installation.

The DMX Interface can receive control data from different sources. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a computer, a light controller, a stand alone controller or a smartphone. Complex light sceneries like chasing lights or exactly timed colour changes are no problem anymore.

Technical data colour light unit

L x W x H
20 x 21 x 196 mm
Weight 89g
Power supply over DMX signal
Controllable colour light units 99
Temperature range 0-90°
Controllable parameters Hue, saturation, value