Model overview

An Overview about all collaxx-products

Modern LED-Technology combined with easy Handling. . .

collaxx colour light units flood your whole cabin with intensive, clear-coloured LED light and do not only affect the eye, but also the whole body trough the skin.

Also discover our solutions for brine nebulising and music playback, also 100% sauna resistent!

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Batten light fittings

Playing with possibilities. Steam bath approved version available.


LED-colour light unit FL2000

unbelievable versatile design

LED-colour light unit FL202

56 Leds in a frameless case. The modern Solution for cabins up to 2.5 x 2.5m



LED-colour light unit FL201

56 LEDs for intense coulour light in your sauna. Suitable for cabins up to 2.5 x 2.5m


LED-colour light unit FL50

The little one with a miraculous price. With touch- or remote control.

Edge lit colorlight

Our "Giant" homogen lighting available in sizes of 75x30, 50x50 and 66x27cm.


Enjoy your own music wirelessly and comfortable with the audio solution developed by collaxx.


Control your relaxiation music from your sauna!


Control options

Choose your way to control collaxx colour light units