Get yourself the collaxx-sound right into your relax oasis!

The collaxx-Bluetoothplayer brings your favourite music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet into the sauna cabin. With the wall remote control you can control the audio playback effortless from inside.

  • line input and output
  • digital amplifier with 2x18W
  • configurable through DIP-Switch
  • combinable with our structure borne sound converters
  • service friendly because of disconnectable cables

Because of the line input and output existing sound sources and amplifiers can be connected easily. Multiple bluetooth players can also be cascaded to support more than two speakers.


wireless wall remote control

Wireless wall remote control available in various kinds of wood. The elegant solution which allows one to control a smartphone which can remain outside of the cabin.

Sauna Speaker Cubus 22

High quality workmanship and full sound for your sauna!

Ideal for mounting under the bench.

wireless hand remote F5

The simple solution to control the smartphone, which can remain outside of the cabin.

sound exciter 10W or 20W

Invisibly mounted

Mounting suggestion

Technical data Bluetooth-Player

l x w x h
125 x 51 x 25 mm (without cables)
Weight 60 g
Operating Voltage 12V...24V DC only with supplied mains adapter
Current consumption about 20mA to 6A
Temperature range 0 ... 40 °C
Protection class IPX0
Output power 2x18W RMS at 4 Ohm
Output impedance 4Ohm...8Ohm

Technical data remote control

l x w x h
55 x 55 x 19 mm  
Temperature range 0 ... 125°C  
Weight 20g  
Mounting drill hole, screw on, clip on wooden cover  
transmission technique wireless